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Several large single center studies demonstrated that small changes in kidney function occur in 18 to 60% of patients and are associated with increased risk for mortality [1-4]. The Acute Kidney Injury Network (AKIN) ( has proposed a definition of AKI based on the RIFLE classification [5] (table 1). AKI stages define the whole spectrum of AKI from moderate to severe deterioration of kidney function (table 2). Because AKI impacts so enormously on resources and outcomes it is important to understand the true magnitude of its epidemiology.

We invite you to participate in one or more of the prospective, multinational, multicenter studies currently being developed to measure the incidence, prevalence, risk factors, treatment and outcome of AKI. Centers anywhere in the world are welcome to participate.

AKI-EPI Study - Worldwide Prospective Observational Multicenter Trial*
Eric Hoste - ECCRN

Primary Objective:
To evaluate the incidence of AKI in ICU patients

*Endorsed by the European Critical Care Research Network (ECCRN)
More information about this study will be sent to AKIN members and will be posted on this site soon.

Ravindra Mehta - ISN

Primary Objective:
Establish a registry to determine the incidence, prevalence and natural history of AKI among hospitalized patients.
Secondary Objectives:
Identify the risk factors for AKI
Assess the relationship between timing, severity and number of risk factors for AKI and the course of AKI
Assess demographic, clinical factors, illness severity and process of care associated with favorable and adverse outcomes among ICU patients with AKI
Determine current practice patterns for RRT management

** Endorsed by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN)
More information about this study will be sent to AKIN members and will be posted on this site soon.

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