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Moving the clinical, research and educational aspects of AKI forward

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AKIN (Acute Kidney Injury Network) represents an
international interdisciplinary group of adult and
pediatric nephrologists and critical care physicians,
and others interested in Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).

The intended products are joint agenda from the groups that
will move the clinical, research and educational aspects of this field
forward. We anticipate that in this collaborative effort interested
groups and experts worldwide will facilitate the advancement of
knowledge that will ultimately result in evidence based practice
recommendations that can be used to improve the care of
patients with AKI.



MEDLINE (PubMed) Nephrology Filter
The Health Information Research Unit at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, in collaboration with the Kidney Clinical Research Unit at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, developed and tested MEDLINE(PubMed) filters that allow clinicians to search for articles within a specific discipline (Nephrology), rather than searching the entire MEDLINE (PubMed) database.
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The UAB-UCSD O’Brien Core Center for Acute Kidney Injury Research
Changing Paradigms in Acute Kidney Injury: From Mechanisms to Management - 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
San Diego, California
Acute Kidney Injury is a rapidly evolving area where several advances have been made in understanding the mechanisms and pathways of AKI and its effects on other organs. Recent identification of biomarkers has provided new tools and techniques to characterize this disorder. This pre-course workshop will provide a comprehensive review of the most recent developments in the field and describe emerging knowledge from basic and translational research. Results from clinical trials will be discussed to define the best strategies for effective management of patients and define the criteria for future studies.
More info - CRRT 2014 Conference Site

This full day event is an in-depth pre-conference workshop held immediately prior to the CRRT 2014 Conference. If you missed the 2013 event a multimedia review is available on the CRRT E-Learning Portal. More Info - Free Demo Lecture

CRRT 2014
March 4-7, 2014
Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego!
The 19th CRRT conference is designed to provide an up-to-date review of the latest developments and research in the field of ICU medicine, nephrology and CRRT.
Abstract Deadline: December 9, 2013
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Do you have a study which is designed to answer key questions in AKI?

Do you wish to participate in ongoing studies?

Would you like to monitor studies currently being developed to measure the incidence, prevalence, risk factors, treatment and outcome of AKI?

Centers around the world are being invited to participate in this multinational study group so participation at any level is encouraged.
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